Novelty EP

by mickmon



Long-running concept version on Youtube.

Novelty is a musical voyage through space. Along one orbit of our sun, a collection of electronic hymns formed. Over the course of one year, a wondrous story was realised, recorded and produced. Love and gravity merged in colourful fashion, leaving, in it's stream, an oddity of musical novelty.

Novelty comes in more forms than one; four singles and an expanded concept version.

Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

Remix or develop the music, I wouldn’t even be mad, I’d be impressed.


released July 8, 2016


Michael Monaghan; Composition, production and mixing, vocals, guitar, percussion and synthesisers.
Ainhoa Garaikoetxea; vocals.
Kenny Doran; drums, recording engineer.
Charlie McCabe; vocals, percussion.
Max Zaska; lead guitar.
Andrea Fra Manno: Saxaphone
Ken Harte: Mutant Bassdrum modular synthesiser.
Rob Moss: composition adviser.




mickmon Bray, Ireland

Irish Musician Producer

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Track Name: Arrival
"There's a different song.."
Track Name: Love Is Gravity
Love Is Gravity

Verse 1:
Love is gravity, come together e.. -asily in slow motion,
conversing as we be.

Love is our money, exchanged linguistically.
Encrypted between eyes, seen it, heard it, felt it.

Enormity of spay-, -shull evervesent sky.
I’m spiritually inclined to watch the stars align.

Experiencing life, a kaleidoscope in time.
I had you from the beginning, and now my yours is mine.

People gravitate to people slowily, connectivity makes for novelty.
Intrinsically a part of everything, partially creating all that will be.

Individual points of view lead to conclusions so unreal.
Reality is an object of description, producing creativity.

Verse 2:
Time is merely, bent+broke freelyy.. -sily is real-time,
Conforming still fully,

With rules of musicality, exchanged sonically,
Embedded between ears, I've seen it, heard it, felt-tip!

An array of speh.. -cial moments together, I’m SMS- aaaging your future to forward it to memory.
Experiencing ehh… -verything in one life,
I have you until the ending, and then your mind is yours.


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